The Pacific Northwest Has its Own Religion – Nature

2020 has undoubtedly been a year filled with tragedy. Amidst all of it, watching the Pacific coastline go up in flames has taken a considerable toll on my own soul. And, I know that many others who grew up in the region, are currently experiencing that same anguish.

The Astrophysicist Herbert Reeves once said, “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that the Nature he’s destroying is the God he’s worshipping.”

Anyone who grew up in the [uniquely-stunning pocket of the world known as the] Pacific Northwest, knows exactly what Reeves meant by this. There is no theoretical nuance in this statement. The act of treating Nature as God is practice in our culture.

We are a region that holds cultural values which are notably distinct from the two countries that we are currently politically associated with.

To us, Nature is religion. Nature is spirituality. Nature is existence.

Nature is our host. It has allowed us to be guests in its home. And, once we’ve overstayed our welcome, it will ensure we make our exit.

What Nature is not, is politics.

The refusal to acknowledge this is not only ignorant, but it’s illogical.

If there is anything that we [as a species] should undoubtedly put our full confidence in, it is that nature has been and always will be stronger, smarter, and more powerful than any species it chooses to let inhabit it.

Because, Nature is infinite.

Nature can [and will] exist without us.

But us, we cannot [and will not] exist without it.

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