Trump Supporters Are Wrong So That You Can Be Right

We all know that being told you are wrong feels like shit. But, in order for you to be right, inevitably someone else needs to be wrong.

And, in this culture that’s been established— a culture where being a white, CIS male is a trait that makes a person inherently wrong — a stage has been set. A stage designed to acknowledge [and celebrate] a leader who represents the notion that being wrong is actually okay.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything that progressive, liberal culture attempts to make wrong. His life is a series of perceived missteps in a society where any action of wrong-ness is amplified, tried, convicted, and condemned to a life sentence. Cue, cancel culture.
Trump is white. He’s CIS male. He’s [arguably] rich. Trump’s life is littered with demarcations of adherence to patriarchal structures (which many of us had [complacently] assumed no longer existed). 
Trump is wrong-ness personified.

Even the way he speaks — a sort of stream of consciousness babbling that lacks any kind of filter for offensiveness — shows, that he just doesn’t give a shit. And, why should he? You don’t give a shit about him [and what he thinks]. Why should he give a shit about you [and what you think]? 
This is where Trump gains so much support.
Progressive culture has left Trump [and his] supporters behind. Progressive culture has told them that their sheer existence is wrong. And, being told that they are wrong [probably] feels like shit. But they need to be wrong so that someone else can be right.
It’s a cycle. One that needs to end if we ever want to see a clear path towards rational and compassionate leadership.

So, how do we end this cycle?
It’s easy. We stop. 
We stop trying to be right. We stop making others wrong.
And then, we start.
We start by accepting that we don’t all share the same values and beliefs. Start by understanding that people are imperfect — that mistakes are an inevitable part of human nature.

We start by not stopping; not canceling; not making people feel like there is no way to come back from a place of wrong.
Because ultimately, this culture that we’ve constructed — one where every misstep is magnified and scrutinized — is destroying us.

This culture is designed to make everyone who is not right, wrong. 
And, we already know that in order to be right, others need to be wrong. 
But, is making others wrong really worth it anymore?

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