Why What is Happening in Ukraine Matters…

Did you know that the second biggest genocide in modern history happened in Ukraine in 1932-33 [six years before WWII]? Stalin was responsible for killing approximately 4.5 million Ukrainians during this time; a death count surpassed only by the Holocaust. Ukrainians were beaten, raped, starved, sent to concentration camps, or exiled to Siberia to die. […]

[The Nature of] Women [Things]

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a woman? Well, it feels a lot like you’re a Barbie – or at least, you are tirelessly trying to achieve being some semblance of a Barbie. As women, we are constantly told that this isn’t the case. That we don’t need to do this. That […]

The Lifecycle of a Woman [as a Commodity]

They start us young. The manufacturing stage. We are small. Impressionable. Ideal for conditioning. They give us Barbie dolls. Plastic babies. Makeshift kitchens. They dress us in pink sparkles and dainty little slippers. “How pretty,” they say. Then, the word teen. It comes so fast. We are ready for distribution. The attention is fierce. It […]

“Cuties”: Outrage or Opportunity?

Every so often, a bold artistic endeavor emerges that is courageous enough to ask the question: “Do parents actually know what their kids are up to?” If you were a teenager growing up in the nineties, you probably remember one of these valiant gestures presented in the form of a film called Kids. Kids stirred […]