Why What is Happening in Ukraine Matters…

Did you know that the second biggest genocide in modern history happened in Ukraine in 1932-33 [six years before WWII]?

Stalin was responsible for killing approximately 4.5 million Ukrainians during this time; a death count surpassed only by the Holocaust.

Ukrainians were beaten, raped, starved, sent to concentration camps, or exiled to Siberia to die. Russians recruited many who remained to seize their neighbors’ possessions. Everything. Food, clothing, blankets – all in the bitter months of winter.

Bodies [some dead, some close to dying] were piled on manure carts every morning, dumped in piles, and left uncovered to rot.

Cannibalism was rampant. Many had to eat the bodies of their children, their parents, and their neighbors to survive.

Women were tied to trees, raped, their breasts cut off, and eaten right in front of them.

Children who lost their parents were left to beg in the streets for scraps. They were ridiculed, robbed, beaten, or shot on the spot if they got their hands on a morsel of food.

So, why was this never written about in our history books?

There are few photographs, no video footage, and no records – the Russians destroyed everything.

And, because Ukrainians feared backlash from Stalin [and his successors], they remained silent for decades.

Even now, many are reluctant to talk about that period because they see many Soviet-era holdovers still in positions of power (ahem, Putin).

Ukrainians KNEW what Russia was capable of – what Russia IS capable of – and their worst fears are coming to life RIGHT NOW.

Many scholars believe that the famine was orchestrated by Stalin to ELIMINATE A UKRAINIAN INDEPENDENCE movement (sound eerily familiar?).

A leader like this shouldn’t be allowed to exist in 2022, and the fact that he does should terrify us all.

Putin is literally the 21st Century’s version of Stalin, and what is happening in Ukraine right now is the ONLY thing that we should ALL be talking about.

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