Goodbye Hype, Hello Substance–Welcome to the Web3 Renaissance.

When I began my journey into web3, I remember thinking, wow, finally, a space that levels the playing field — a space filled with possibilities for women, POC and the socio-economically disadvantaged.

In some ways, it felt like a blank slate.

But, like any opportunity where capital is involved, bro culture and greed were already neck deep. And as I joined Discord channels, Twitter Spaces, and other conversations, this became more and more apparent. I remember being in one bro-heavy space where every speaker seemed to talk almost exclusively in jargon–with intention.

It was all flex and zero value for the listeners–many of whom tuned in with the sole intention of learning.

At one point, I heard a woman join the conversation. She was a stay-at-home mom interested in getting into the NFT space but didn’t have the capital to buy into the big projects. She was also curious about how to create her own collections. She had no clue where to start, so she was there to ask questions.

The response from the bros: “Go out and learn yourself. That’s what we did.”

This was not cool. It was also the antithesis of everything that initially attracted me [and I assume many others] to web3.

New people are entering web3 every day, and those already in it should be willing to teach. They should be excited to introduce these ideas to newcomers because more participants equal more growth. It’s simple math.

Exclusively is not the name of the game in web3 and those touting this have no business being here. This was one of the significant flaws evident in the early stages of web3, and luckily it seems to be course-correcting.

With all the rug pulls, scams and major crashes, we may finally be at a tipping point where this space moves from hype > substance > sustainability. There are already a ton of amazing creators building projects with this in mind.

Because there’s no longer room for projects that promise the moon and deliver shit. Investors are savvy now, and the good ones are taking it upon themselves to mentor newcomers to be the same way.

So, what now? Hopefully, we’re getting back on track. This means a renewal of that vision of inclusively, coupled with sustainable projects aimed at enriching the lives of communities across the globe.

This doesn’t mean bro culture is going anywhere. I mean, I’m sure that Apes are here to stay. They are a legit project, but they’re not for everyone.

And if that’s your bag, go out and buy one (I hear they’re on sale right now). 😉 Get your entrance into Ape Fest every year, your free pizza, maybe a beer on occasion–but what else is that NFT doing for you? Is that Ape something that is going to help you thrive personally?

Maybe. There are entrepreneurial opportunities for sure. There’s also that whole entrance into a lifelong frat party thing. And honestly, if that’s of value to you, I say go for it. Buy in and commit to that community–build in that ecosystem.

But what about the rest of us?

Well, we get to begin thinking about other types of communities we want to be a part of — ones that help others, tell stories, enrich our lives and help us grow.

Someone once told me they thought the Ape community would go down as the Ed Hardy of the NFT space. And if there’s absolutely room for that kind of brand flash. There’s also plenty of room for brands that go beyond that flash.

The possibilities are infinite, and the roadmaps are up to the creators.

There are no rules when it comes to creating in web3, so my advice is to decide what you want to see in the world, who you want to surround yourself with and the life you want to create — then, just start building.

Jump in and help create the future of your dreams. Then, watch and contribute to others as they do the same.

Because different experiences mean different visions, and in web3, diversity is our greatest strength. So, join the party [of course, we won’t all be as wild as Ape Fest but, different strokes…].

Bring your ideas and start building your vision — block by block. Because your vision matters–only you can create it. And all of these visions combined will bring us into the diverse and beautiful place web3 intended for us.

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